July 30, 2009

work of a master

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colored pencilhere’s a very nice sample of a colored-pencil rendering. pulled this one from the net and how i dearly wish i would be able to this in the future. and besides, the artist of this masterpiece is surely using class-A colored pencils(which i literally and practically can’t afford to buy)and of course it takes a lot of precious-golden-time to do this (then again, that i don’t have much because of too many priorities). it’s simple logic I THINK that if you use something expensive in art or whatever and with so much time to waste the results would surely be nice, good and exceptional. yeah-yeah so much for the babble. enjoy appreciating this piece.



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i'm hunting rabbits!

i'm hunting rabbits!

i’ve made this guy here way back in college as one of my projects in a  minor subject. roughly drawn and colored with  pencils,  art pen and colored pencils (that ended up  like  being colored with crayons). colored pencils has somewhat another kind of render effect  if  just properly used  or  professionally used  (of which i failed to do obviously here in this piece). yup, i got no choice at that time but to use them since it’s faster and practical to use(compared to water color, pastels,acrylic, poster, etc..i’ll just post a sample of  a drawing that was properly  rendered by a professional using colored pencils. don’t mind of your comments and crits, worldlings.

July 10, 2009

views of spacecraft

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these are the different views of the recently created 3d space craft to show its detailed portions.i’ll be quite interested in your comments and crits.

another 3d creation

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attack formationfor only half a day, i modeled this craft through imagination and of course with the aid of good ol’ sketch-up. right after, i rendered it through 3d max and v-ray then for the finishing touches (the background and the craft duplicate) through photoshop. i admit that this ship has a semblance to starwars spacecraft i couldn’t exactly pinpoint which one but at least i spent my creative-juices wisely. Don’t hesitate to comment or crit, worldlings.

July 7, 2009

side-lines 1

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3d sideline (1)Like my previous 3d post, this is also done using sketch-up and photoshop and before i forgot, the awesome rendering-plug-in VRAY. Sideline is a common term for people in the design field where we gain additional income and experience in the trade.well, so much for the nonsense. worldlings, once again, till then.

a 3d creation

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battle scene

inspired by the sci-fi movies, i made this scene using a 3d software called sketch-up from google. the fighter ships and the spider-like battle droid were at first made separately then i combined them and made a scene.For the laser blasts and beams, i just put them on by Photoshop.In actuality, this is my first attempt in making 3d and looking forward to create more models and hopefully at that time, a more realistic piece.Sketch-up actually is limited and purely useful in architectural creations but still, i tried to utilized it by doing these 3d models. again Worldlings, your crits and comments are welcome.

Mot-mot’s Capt. N12

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CaptainN12sketcheltonsmall as what Chummy, my best-bud requested, i made this pin-up for the comics that our co-league Motmot is planning to release this month of July 2009. my comment for this character is that he is funny-pero-medyo-bastos,hehehe(corny huh?)Yup, i’ve drawn this as Chummy instructed and voila! this sketch actually paved the way of my come-back to sketching-mood with the truth that its been a while that i’ve rested my imaginations for so many priorities both at work and fatherhood. you’re all clear to comment Worldlings.

pinoy werewolf

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zeruleandruid5smallmy very own concept of the mythical being of filipino folklore. of which continues to inspire me and hopefully, i’ll be doing a short story comics about this horrific subject. i admit that these night creatures has been a very good topic in literature, movies and art and have been mystifying me since childhood. in fact, i even have a personal experience about these creature when i was a child literally speaking( i hope i do sound convincing).maybe in my future blogs, i will post my unforgettable or i may say horrible experience. next time WORLD.

just another weirdo

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zeruleandruid1smallyeah, he’s just another member of my weird imaginings. i’ve done it with pencils and technical pens (the ones i used in my drafting classes in college life). tech pens though has another kind of effect  when used in inking thus the term ‘pen and ink’ came about.  i’m no pro in using the standard quill points  thats been  mostly used by drawing fanatics and practically speaking, i just used whatever tools i have during those imaginative days.

hairy and spiky

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some more weirdos for you WORLD. these two just came out of my mind as i can easily conceptualized things, the ugly things to be more precise compared to the ‘beautiful ones’. well, you can’t blame me because i find the weird things to be more artistic and much more easy to imagine. No offense to other artists out there, just my point of view.

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