July 7, 2009

a 3d creation

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battle scene

inspired by the sci-fi movies, i made this scene using a 3d software called sketch-up from google. the fighter ships and the spider-like battle droid were at first made separately then i combined them and made a scene.For the laser blasts and beams, i just put them on by Photoshop.In actuality, this is my first attempt in making 3d and looking forward to create more models and hopefully at that time, a more realistic piece.Sketch-up actually is limited and purely useful in architectural creations but still, i tried to utilized it by doing these 3d models. again Worldlings, your crits and comments are welcome.



  1. chummy said,

    wow man, u never let me see this sketch-up piece before and I only heard you telling me about it. karun murag mag download nako ana nga software…hope you post more pieces using this sketch-up thingee 🙂

    • lagi Bai Chum. na hurot ka erase ako mga file ani mga 3d nko. didto pko ng work sa pag-ibig ani.nka save unta ko ato mga file pero pg reformat sa laptop sko manghod(Elvin), hurot ka delete

  2. lyn2x said,

    pede pa na makuha balik imo files oi bisan na reformat pa na…u just need to know somebody who can do the trick….i do!.weeeee

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