July 30, 2009

work of a master

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:55 am by zeruleandruid

colored pencilhere’s a very nice sample of a colored-pencil rendering. pulled this one from the net and how i dearly wish i would be able to this in the future. and besides, the artist of this masterpiece is surely using class-A colored pencils(which i literally and practically can’t afford to buy)and of course it takes a lot of precious-golden-time to do this (then again, that i don’t have much because of too many priorities). it’s simple logic I THINK that if you use something expensive in art or whatever and with so much time to waste the results would surely be nice, good and exceptional. yeah-yeah so much for the babble. enjoy appreciating this piece.



  1. photo realistic approach man ni sa art bai sah, I don’t really dig them coz mura ra jpun kog nag tan aw ug tinuod na picture hehehe, pero naa man daghan art styles na incorporated this approach pud like Alex Ross or Hildebrandt or other artist who use watercolor for that matter but cannot be as detailed as colored pencils. murag high art naman gud na ing ana ba, lisud abton.

    • i fully agree with you Bai Chum. You forgot to mention Serpieri (correct me if i’m wrong) of Heavy Metal. I think he’s also using coloring pencils in his artwork on Druuna.

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