August 15, 2009

oldies but goodies

Posted in Comics, Sketches at 1:10 am by zeruleandruid

some kinda x-men huh?

some kinda x-men huh?

indeed x-men really filled our minds those days. this drawing was a collaboration where i did the pencils and my bud of the same weather (i mean feather…sounds gayish so don’t mind if i changed it)Chummy, the main man finished it off with his inks. in actuality, this was our first attempt to make a comic book out of these groupie i even forgot their group’s name but(i hate  using this word)it suddenly slipped out of our interest faster than speed of light, kapish!just because of too many priorities, i guess, at that time and also when college life was a ‘constant struggle’ for you know what projects, plates, the forever dreaded examinations and other stude’s concerns. like this one, we both have many attempts in making comics both solo and collaboration and unfortunately ended in the recycle bins of our brains. yet, i don’t make promises but someday i would (we would) finally justify ourselves by accomplishing even at least one comic creation before our imaginations and creative juices dried out literally. C and C’s is free-for-all,Worldlings!



  1. chummy said,

    those were good times man. hope we could really finish this collab thing soonest and let SDR Comics publish it for us hehehe. as far as I can recall I can only name 4 of these characters, top-most left lady would be Novana, on the middle portion is Infiltrator and the two below squatting is Razorback and Stigmata but I will rediscover my box and look for our listings of these babies 🙂

  2. motmot said,

    Shit! O my GOD!!!! Power OI!!!!

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