May 30, 2010

x-men front man

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Another colored piece using photoshop. The x-men all-time favorite character, Wolverine as seen here with dead ninjas of course right after a blood-drenched battle. They might be well-trained assasins but against a mutant with adamantium bone structure and a near immortality mutant factor, they are just perfect subjects for work-out.


colored version

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A colored version from my previous post “Bugno”. With Photoshop, I decided to put  color on this out of experimenting and curiosity of what would this artwork looked like if it has colors. Though I am not really good and adept in using photoshop, I just used the basic tools and brushes of which I was more comfortable and considered easy to utilize in digital paintings.


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it’s been a while since I made a side- trip to my wordpress blog and added this new post. This piece shows  a scene of   two famous creatures of Philippine folklore fight each other in competition for food or teritory. The ungo is depicted here as a monster with tentacle-hairs of which it can use to apprehend or choke its victims before it gorges down their internal organs. As for the  infamous aswang which is depicted here as a werewolf look-alike, seems to justify its ability to shape-shift yet it was more described in folklore to be capable of  fully turning  into a dog, a cat or even a sow (female pig) though I decided to visualized it like this to add more mobility and fighting prowess to it against the ungo. I am still really looking forward to make a story out of these characters and put them in comic book  very soon.

August 26, 2009

good ol’ wolvy

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some kinda tribute to the most idolized character of the marvel universe, yeah said so,the x-man  Wolverine.  done this one with a ballpoint and a pinch of imagination. i just don’t know what reasons other people have for liking this character but for sure the same as mine, his mutant-healing factor(scientific sense for immortality) and his indestructible adamantium skeleton and claws.oh well, nuff said, just drop your C & C’s for this piece of sketch.

August 15, 2009

oldies but goodies

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some kinda x-men huh?

some kinda x-men huh?

indeed x-men really filled our minds those days. this drawing was a collaboration where i did the pencils and my bud of the same weather (i mean feather…sounds gayish so don’t mind if i changed it)Chummy, the main man finished it off with his inks. in actuality, this was our first attempt to make a comic book out of these groupie i even forgot their group’s name but(i hate  using this word)it suddenly slipped out of our interest faster than speed of light, kapish!just because of too many priorities, i guess, at that time and also when college life was a ‘constant struggle’ for you know what projects, plates, the forever dreaded examinations and other stude’s concerns. like this one, we both have many attempts in making comics both solo and collaboration and unfortunately ended in the recycle bins of our brains. yet, i don’t make promises but someday i would (we would) finally justify ourselves by accomplishing even at least one comic creation before our imaginations and creative juices dried out literally. C and C’s is free-for-all,Worldlings!