August 4, 2009

music influences pt.1

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i praised the day i heard his music

i praised the day i heard his music

everyone of us have our influences in almost everything specially music. the guy in this pic is Steven Patrick Morrissey. i’ve been indulged in his music back when he was still in his band The Smiths and up until now in his solo career. there are a lot of good bands with good music in the wide expanses of the music world but this guy and his music has really caught my attention and since then, i’ve been really digging to his songs. to a common person, his songs is just ordinary to the ears but if you read his lyrics, you’ll discover simple yet compelling words like watching a low-rated movie but in the end found out the unexpected twist actually left you wanting to watch it again. the right term for this (correct me if i’m wrong) is ‘catchy words’. in his lyrics, you may discover hidden phrases with meaning like poetry does to a reader. this is one of his song lyrics that i considered hauntingly mesmerizing : ‘ it may all end tomorrow or it could go on forever, in which case I’m doomed.’as for my understanding for this phrase, the world may come to an end or it may not but to whatever point we’re still doomed to, this wraps up my short essay about this artist and for just wanting to write something about him and his music as a tribute for influencing me.