July 30, 2009


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i'm hunting rabbits!

i'm hunting rabbits!

i’ve made this guy here way back in college as one of my projects in a  minor subject. roughly drawn and colored with  pencils,  art pen and colored pencils (that ended up  like  being colored with crayons). colored pencils has somewhat another kind of render effect  if  just properly used  or  professionally used  (of which i failed to do obviously here in this piece). yup, i got no choice at that time but to use them since it’s faster and practical to use(compared to water color, pastels,acrylic, poster, etc..i’ll just post a sample of  a drawing that was properly  rendered by a professional using colored pencils. don’t mind of your comments and crits, worldlings.


July 7, 2009

just another weirdo

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zeruleandruid1smallyeah, he’s just another member of my weird imaginings. i’ve done it with pencils and technical pens (the ones i used in my drafting classes in college life). tech pens though has another kind of effect  when used in inking thus the term ‘pen and ink’ came about.  i’m no pro in using the standard quill points  thats been  mostly used by drawing fanatics and practically speaking, i just used whatever tools i have during those imaginative days.

character sketch2

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a revised sketch of character sketch 1. noticeably, i improvised its look by making it more insect-looking(the eyes, mouth and armor). yet, i’m not trying to compromise its main features( the octopus part) since i’m actually making this character based on my “future- novel- of -some- sort”. feel free to fire up some comments or suggestions WORLD!

character sketch1

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zeruleandruid2smallthis is one of my character sketch way back in college years. i was planning at that time to write a fantasy novel but until now, i haven’t even formally started it. as if something is keeping a hold on myself of writing it. anyways back to the sketch, though i did not really intend to make it look like yoda half octopus (that’s for watching too much starwars..) but it just turn out that way. just blame it on my shallow imaginings. so, just shoot your comments and perhaps i could gain something useful out of them to improve this character. till then, world…